About - OFaolainLeather

Play with my dog, obsess over leathers, sketch, create, drink wine, repeat.

I started my career in fashion as a leather artisan, making leather masks inspired by dreams and nature, eventually working my way to leather jewelry and handbags. Thanks to Korto Momolu I was able to showcase my work at New York Fashion Week along with her collection in 2014. I went on to have an independent show and started getting my feet on the ground as a working designer. I left my PhD program and job as a biostatistician in 2017 to pursue my passion full-time. In that period I’ve been able to have my work featured in several wonderful publications, such as ELLE and Nylon, and work with many inspiring people both locally (Little Rock, AR) and abroad.

I hope you enjoy what you find in my store. I am always working on new pieces, whether it be bags, accessories or apparel so check in often! I offer bespoke leather goods and am always willing to work with a budget!

Each piece by O'Faolain is meticulously hand-crafted using fine hides and traditional leatherworking techniques. You will be thoroughly pleased with the craftsmanship and attention to detail in each item.There is some slight variation between pieces as products are completely hand-crafted and hand-dyed.